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1992 Streetwise was begun in the East End of London. St George’s Church of England found themselves surrounded by peopole suffering from the effects of drugs.  They did something about it!  Streetwise was set up in order to help those who suffered through taking drug    and those who suffered because others took them. Its efforts until 1997 were mostly centred in their immediate vicinity. In 1997 it was decided because of the difficulties in securing an effective detox process to seek to provide one of our own that was consistent with experience learned and the Christian principles of the Trust. In 1997 the Trust bought the Bull Sands Fort in the Humber Estuary with the intention of using it for the detoxification and restoration of the of substance abusers. It has subsequently been renamed AN ISLAND OF HOPE.   The MV Hambledon, an ex-naval fleet tender was loaned to the Trust in 20  2005, when the work of restoring the fort to its intended function was begun. We are now in the process of restoring the fort to a habitable state.
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