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Be a volunteer. We are always in need of people (18+), who are prepared to work on the project. We need volunteers to maintain the ship and/or work on the fort, as well as fundraisers, organisers and speakers. Plumbers, joiners, builders, bricklayers, electricians, generator specialists, mechanics, double-glazing fitters and heating engineers would be most welcome. However, there are lots of unskilled and DIY jobs too! We do need people who are prepared to cooperate with, get on well with and show respect for other volunteers. We aim to have plenty of jobs available, together with the tools and materials needed.  We want everyone to feel appreciated and that their contribution is completely worthwhile. Volunteers can attend regularly or occasionally and can work at their own pace. Click for information on Contact Details People do find it difficult to find the ship, so it is wise to study the details closely  before setting off!
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